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What is GDPR Compliance?

GDPR has become a legal requirement for all businesses that operate in the UK and Europe. GDPR stands for 'General Data Protection Regulation' and covers a set of rules to allow individuals the right to control how their personal data is collected, stored and removed.

GDPR comes in two parts; business compliance and website compliance.

Our team have extensive experience with GDPR as all new customers since May 2018 must comply. We can put you in contact with a GDPR consultant for your business processes and we offer a number of features which can be added to your website to offer website compliance.

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Our GDPR Compliance Service is designed to guide you through the process of GDPR Compliance for your website

Seven steps to make your website GDPR compliant. What you need and how much it costs:


You may have an SSL certificate in place already. If you don’t, we charge £50 (unlike the other charges this is an annual fee) to put an SSL on your website to ensure encryption of emails. Encryption is a requirement of GDPR. There are other benefits of an SSL Certificate including better SEO scores as Google likes secure websites and it avoids that nasty red warning sign saying your site is not secure. There are more expensive SSL Certificates which offer better features and insurance policies if you are interested.


Whenever a new visitor enters personal information (for example Contact Us Forms, Comments, Product Reviews and Newsletter Signups) they will need to opt in to a segmented list.

WordPress will allow basic options to cover comments and contact forms. If you use a newsletter plugin such as Mail Poet or Mail Chimp the provider will add specific GDPR features directly. We charge £60 to activate these features on your individual web site.


Existing clients also have rights and can to opt into a new segmented mailing list. Again if you use a newsletter plugin such as Mail Poet or Mail Chimp the provider will add specific GDPR features directly and we charge £60 for setting it up on your website. Within this fee, we provide the appropriate “Re-Consent” forms if required or for existing clients the mandatory letter giving them a link to your new Privacy Notice and the Opt-Out facility to ensure there are no breaches of the regulations.


Your Privacy Policy will be one of the key documents that will result from your GDPR Audit. Following your audit, you can supply us with your own Privacy Policy and we can add it to your site with all the appropriate menu changes for £75.00. Please don’t ask us to “look at your Privacy Policy” and advise if it is compliant as only someone who has carried out your GDPR audit would be qualified to do that.

We also have a Privacy Policy template available that covers all the things that apply to every company.

This has been designed to significantly reduce your audit fees and has been approved by a qualified GDPR Consultant. The cost is £150 for non-retail sites and £200 for retail sites. You then add your own personal information to this template. This will ensure all the information that falls out of your audit is included. If you purchase the template we will also work with you to identify and add all of the third party suppliers on your website as well as providing and adding the appropriate links. This is rapidly becoming the recognised way of ensuring your GDPR data on associated companies that use is always up to date (e.g. Couriers, Accountants, Sub-contractors etc).


We can supply a Cookie Policy Page and set all up all of the appropriate menus. We will also supply the mandatory pop up. The customer will have a click button to accept the Cookies and a panel to make personal choices if they prefer.  This policy will be personal to you and include all the Cookies your website uses and an explanation of how they affect the visitor. All of which is a requirement of GDPR. The cost of this is £95.00


The mandatory Cookie Opt-In Pop Up notices are free of charge if you book us for option 6 above - or £60 if you provide us with your own Policy Document.


WordPress provides the software for this at no charge. We will arrange full set up, the creation of request forms and adding of DP Officer Details for £75.00.

These options can be added to a new website design or installed on your current website as long as it uses the Wordpress platform.

Our team will be happy to discuss your GDPR requirements on a free consultation call.

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