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Creating a Successful Online Business can be frustrating as you create a new way to sell your product or service online. When you are starting a new business or improving the performance of an existing venture, most people look to their website or lack thereof. We use the term ‘Online Business’ to describe our website platform as it can be used to manage many business processes automatically allowing the business owner more time to focus on what makes their business great.

We want you to think of a website as a set of tools that allow you to communicate with your customers; storing customer information, tracking purchasing / invoicing and creating a first impression that gives your customers confidence in your brand and service.

What a web site cannot do is fix a bad business model.

Potential customers that visit us usually find this statement confusing, asking – “I thought you sold websites, what’s my business plan got to do with you?”

Well, a great deal if your expectation of a new website is to create gaps in markets that don’t exist or create hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales to make that 0.2% margin pay on the products you currently sell. Don’t get us wrong we can build a website for you no problem, the question is what do you want your website to achieve?

Are you looking for a Successful Online Business and need some of the following:

  • The ability to accept credit card payments in an online shop.
  • The ability for my customers to track the progress of their online orders.
  • The ability to send marketing materials directly to your customers.
  • The ability to sell membership access to private/exclusive online content.
  • The ability to allow customers to submit technical support queries.
  • The ability to view your website on various platforms. (phone/tablet/desktop pc)
  • The ability to update your site at any time while out of the office or from home.
  • The ability to track visitor/email/purchasing data.
  • The ability to update the style and design of your website.

If you are asking any of these kinds of questions then the answers will always be yes and when looking at your finished website you will be a very happy customer.

If your Successful Online Business needs any of the following:

  • A unique feature that is essential to my businesses success.
  • A way of convincing customers to buy when they would not ‘face to face’.
  • A way of totally automating my business so I can go sit on a beach somewhere.
  • A way of creating a market that does not already exist.

If your needs are shown in this second list you are looking for a website to improve your business model. The items in this second list are on every business owners wish list, unfortunately, no website can offer these kinds of solutions and beginning a project with these goals can only lead to disappointment. Your business should have a unique selling point and a hungry audience without a website to begin with. A websites job is to help scale your business, increase exposure, improve payment processing and manage business-to-customer communication. If your business model is sound then your website will help that model to grow.

When you consider a new/updated website you must think tactically, what design, layout, and features do my site require. All of these needs are easily achievable and our ‘Online Business’ platform is very capable of almost all new business requirements.

If you are still in the strategic stages of creating or revising your business plan/business model then a website will not help. Ultimately a website should be used to build on a solid business plan rather than fill the holes in a bad one.

If you’re ready to start a successful online business our website design and build service can get you up and running in just a few weeks with a fully secure and functional web store. To view our website packages visit our website design and build page for current prices.

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  • stuart-smith

    Two Plus Two took me to page one of Google. But it didn't stop there. They got me to positions 1,2,3 and 4 on page one. Just Unbelievable!. They have totally transformed by business and orders are absolutely pouring in. If you need SEO results you need Barry and his team at Two Plus Two Multimedia. Thanks guys..

    S. Smith

  • smart-carriers-portrait

    For years I was using so-called SEO companies that took hundreds of pounds a month with no results to show for it. Then I moved to Two Plus Two. They rebuilt my website and their SEO service has got me to number one. More importantly the phones are ringing. Great job guys - highly recommended.

    D. Smart

  • hannah

    Two Plus Two have produced four first class websites for clients of mine. As a Freelance Marketing Manager, my reputation is imperative, and by working with Two Plus Two I know that this customer focused duo will always deliver my clients website, SEO and content needs to an exemplary standard. A delight to work with and completely flexible - couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    H. Dullaghan

  • natalia

    I have been using the services of Two Plus Two since 2009. Barry and Ken have been professional, excellent and efficient in their work and support. I am very happy with their help and highly recommend to all.

    N. Nad

  • amy

    Barry and Ken worked hard to develop a fantastic website, ensuring it was a fun and easy process. They offer a personalized service ensuring that you achieve what you set out to do. I would happily recommend Two Plus Two Marketing for any future projects.

    A. Hall

  • louise

    Knowledgable and approachable with a fantastic knack of explaining difficult concepts. They have challenged my ways of thinking and I'll definitely be implementing their ideas. I would highly recommend Two Plus Two. Thank you!

    L. Hickman

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