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A massive factor when designing a website to be search engine friendly is the use of CSS. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are a web protocol developed back in 1996 to separate two parts of a web page; the layout or visual design and the text content.

If we look back to how web pages were designed in the past (and some websites even now), they used tables to ‘slice’ a page into separate pieces to create areas for text, images were used for titles and text elements when the limited number of web fonts were not adequate!

The major flaw with this way of developing web pages was the amount of code required to create even the most simple layout, below is an example of the code required to create a basic table with just two columns and two rows:


Imagine creating a page with 50, 60, 100 separate elements within a table filled with images and text elements not to mention the need to define the height and width of each element! When a search engine visits a page like this it will only read a small amount of code before moving on, some sites have hundreds of lines of table code before they even show a page title!

Were CSS made all the difference to web design was the ability to define the styling of individual elements of a page without the need for a table to contain them. This extended beyond the basic layout, spacing and padding tables provided and gave us colours, fonts and floating elements. As well as styling we could use the ‘cascade’ to apply a single style or class to many elements on a page, reducing the amount of code required to style common elements found on a web page such as titles and paragraphs.

All of this means that CSS allows web designers to create pages with less code, great design flexibility and style – and because the search engine does not see CSS styling the page appears to contain only the text content which is what the search engine is there to find. This, in turn, speeds up the search engine crawl process allowing the search engine to crawl more pages per hour.

Our Online Business Platform uses CSS for all styling and layout, we would recommend that you check your current website for any tables and think about using CSS to improve your search engine exposure.

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  • stuart-smith

    Two Plus Two took me to page one of Google. But it didn't stop there. They got me to positions 1,2,3 and 4 on page one. Just Unbelievable!. They have totally transformed by business and orders are absolutely pouring in. If you need SEO results you need Barry and his team at Two Plus Two Multimedia. Thanks guys..

    S. Smith

  • smart-carriers-portrait

    For years I was using so-called SEO companies that took hundreds of pounds a month with no results to show for it. Then I moved to Two Plus Two. They rebuilt my website and their SEO service has got me to number one. More importantly the phones are ringing. Great job guys - highly recommended.

    D. Smart

  • hannah

    Two Plus Two have produced four first class websites for clients of mine. As a Freelance Marketing Manager, my reputation is imperative, and by working with Two Plus Two I know that this customer focused duo will always deliver my clients website, SEO and content needs to an exemplary standard. A delight to work with and completely flexible - couldn't recommend them highly enough.

    H. Dullaghan

  • natalia

    I have been using the services of Two Plus Two since 2009. Barry and Ken have been professional, excellent and efficient in their work and support. I am very happy with their help and highly recommend to all.

    N. Nad

  • amy

    Barry and Ken worked hard to develop a fantastic website, ensuring it was a fun and easy process. They offer a personalized service ensuring that you achieve what you set out to do. I would happily recommend Two Plus Two Marketing for any future projects.

    A. Hall

  • louise

    Knowledgable and approachable with a fantastic knack of explaining difficult concepts. They have challenged my ways of thinking and I'll definitely be implementing their ideas. I would highly recommend Two Plus Two. Thank you!

    L. Hickman

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