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Two Plus Two Website Design and Build Prices

Here at Two Plus Two we like to keep our web design pricing structure as simple as possible.

We offer a "Starter Website Package" for individuals looking to start an online business from scratch, a more advanced "Business Website Package" for small to medium size business looking to grow their online capabilities, a "Retail Website Package" for companies looking to add and grow on-line sales through an online shopping facility and a "Bespoke Projects" package for larger companies.

  • Starter Website - £999 to £1,599
  • Business Website - £1,599 to £2,999
  • Retail Website - £2,499 to £4,999
  • Bespoke Projects - £4,999 and beyond

All prices exclude vat @ 20%.

Website design and build - delivery times

Our average website build time is two weeks provided you have the content ready.

Two Plus Two Website Training Courses

Once the new website is finished we can train your staff to update site content, create new pages, change photos, add blogs and even add new site menus. 

For further details on our training products please visit our WordPress Training page.

The above prices cover all the build and configuration of your new website. Once the site is completed you can choose a monthly hosting and support package or alternatively you can host your web site yourself. We also have training courses on Search Engine Optimisation where you can learn how to get your website to the top of the search engines. 

Click here for more details on our SEO courses.

For further details on our hosting and support products please visit our Support and Hosting Packages page.

All our website packages include the following:

  • All of our website designs change format to suit visitors using phones and tablets as well as desk-top computers. This is absolutely vital now that smart devices are dominating the market place. This feature is known as "mobile responsive" and is an absolute must if you are serious about getting the most visitors to your site.
  • An optional Analytics Package that enables you to monitor the performance of your web site in real time. You can see how many people are visiting your website, what they are interested in, how long they stay on the site, how they are finding you... and much more. It's vital that you know what your customers are interested in, where they are located and how they are finding you.
  • Registration of your domain name and hosting upon request.
  • Email addresses are included as standard - but hundreds of email addresses can easily be configured for larger organisations very easily.

Two Plus Two Web Site Services

Get Online FAST

Our business web design and search engine optimisation packages mean you can launch ANY business idea you may have for a fraction of the normal cost. We will have your business web site on-line within six weeks and you will look like you are the market leader from day one.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about any of our services please contact us today on 01494 730000 or via email at


Whether your aim is to increase profits, motivate your sales force, educate your customers, or simply present your company in the best possible way, we can provide effective and powerful Web Sites to improve your business.


"The on-line shop web design you built for us is fantastic. Overnight, you've made me look like I'm the leading supplier in my industry... and at this rate I soon will be"

- Stuart

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